5 Roof Repair and Maintenance Tricks

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5 Roof Repair and Maintenance Tricks

Roofs are very important as they protect you from the elements and help keep you warm during the winter.

All the rain, snow, and dust that hits your roof every year can damage it and that can create even bigger issues in the future. That is exactly why you should inspect your roof every summer and fix any problems while you still can. Here are some basic tips and tricks you can use to take care of your roof.

Signs that your roof needs maintenance

When the spring arrives, it’s a good time to inspect your roof after a long winter. Here are the signs that tell you if you need roofing company to fix it.

  • Look for leaks – leaks are the worst, so make sure you plug them in time.
  • Flashing damage – small cracks and holes need to be plugged
  • Ice dams – block ice dams to prevent ice damage
  • Granule erosion – if your shingles are coming off, repair them
  • Shingle damage – Shingle damage is caused by a storm or heavy winds. All damaged shingles need to be replaced.


Repair and maintenance tips

Setting your repair budget

If you decide to hire help to fix your roof, you will need to set a budget. Roof repair can cost as little as a hundred dollars, but it can also cost a couple of thousands of dollars. Most repairs include shingle blow-off repair, blistering and splitting repair, as well as the repair of minor leaks.

2. Consider installing gutter guards

The gutter around your home can cause tons of problems for your roof. Debris from the air can clog the drain and the water then overflows from the gutter. Excess water can damage your shingles or walls and cause even more problems. A gutter leaf protection system can save you the trouble and you won’t have to worry about the gutter ever again.

3. Make your damaged shingles live longer

Shingles made out of asphalt are widely used in the US. They are durable and resistant for years, but the elements take their toll on them nonetheless. If you have a damaged shingle, or a couple of them together, you can do something to prolong their life. Curled shingles, bent, cracked, and disintegrating shingles can all be fixed to last for a couple of more years, but they will need replacement soon.


4. Fix leaks around chimneys

Brick chimneys are a nice little detail to a house, but they can cause a lot of problems too. The elements can damage the flashing around a chimney and water can get inside causing molding in your home. If your flashing is not sitting perfectly, replace it with new parts, or use silicone to plug the holes until next season.

5. Walls and dormers need maintenance too

Sometimes rain falls under a low angle and that allows it to make its way under a shingled surface. Windows, corner boards, and sidings are especially prone to water damage. That can often be caused by an old caulk or no caulk, but even if it looks fine, it could be leaking. Fix all the siding and replace the caulk as soon as you can.

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