Beaverton Creekside: Downtown’s Next Great Place

The Beaverton Creekside District comprises nearly 50 acres in Beaverton’s downtown. It is located at the confluence of Beaverton’s three creeks, and sits at the core of the regional center’s transit systems. It is the natural focal point for a revitalized downtown Beaverton.

Where is the Creekside District?


At just under 50 acres, the Beaverton Creekside District is a small area in Beaverton’s downtown, is located at the confluence of Beaverton’s three creeks, sits at the core of the Regional Center’s transit systems, and is served by the Beaverton Central Plant.

Creekside Planning

In 2010, the City conducted an extensive public outreach and planning effort that resulted in the Civic Plan, a document that outlined how Beaverton would go about reaching the Community’s Vision which emphasizes greater connectivity, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability.  One of the first projects outlined in the Civic Plan was to create a Master Plan for the heart of downtown, the Creekside District.  By following the links in the section or the menu above, you can learn about both of these processes.