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September 2nd, 2010 Press Release: “Beaverton’s Civic Plan Kicks Off with September Events” (PDF, 155K)

Media Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Civic Plan?

The Civic Plan will serve as the City’s implementation plan for much of the Community Vision, a set of tools and partnerships for bringing many of the most critical and immediate elements of the Vision to life over the coming years.

How does it fit into the city’s Community Vision? What’s the difference?

The Community Vision was the result of several years work by more than 5,000 residents to craft a vision for Beaverton that emphasizes greater connectivity, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability. The Community Vision set the roots and the Civic Plan will provide a framework to bear the fruits of your community vision. It’s time to assemble the resources, tools, and partnerships to bring that vision into action.

Why should Beaverton residents care?

The Beaverton Community Vision reflects the goals and ideas of the people of Beaverton. Without testing and prioritizing these ideas and developing a coordinated plan, the vision’s boldest ideas will remain concepts and “might-have-beens.” The Civic Plan is the City’s commitment to making many of the aspirations of the Community Vision a reality.

What is the timeline for the Civic Plan?

The Civic Plan will kicked off in September 2010 with a series of public engagement events, which are listed below. Based on this input and technical analysis, we will develop a draft plan. By early 2011, we expect a Civic Plan ready for comment and adoption.

Who’s in charge of the plan?

Mayor Doyle and the Beaverton City Council instructed the city’s planning department to develop a Civic Plan by early 2011. Laura Kelly is the Civic Plan Project Manager at (503) 526-PLAN. The city has selected Fregonese Associates as the lead consultant for a team that will support the city’s efforts.

What can I do?

Help the City clarify and prioritize what new civic projects the City should pursue in Beaverton. We will hold an event on January 31st to unveil the strategies and screen the project’s documentary. Sign up on the project update list at to get occasional emails about project events and milestones.

How do I get more information?

Call in questions or ideas to:
Laura Kelly, Beaverton Civic Plan Project Manager
City of Beaverton
(503) 526-PLAN