Civic Plan Resources

Topic Papers

Each Task Force’s overview and recommendations are presented in topic papers that summarize their
work, highlight potential investments, discuss the benefits and trade-offs associated with potential
investments. They also suggest a series of next steps the City could take.

Natural Systems and Cultural Resources (PDF, 0.5MB)
Economic Development (PDF, 0.5MB)

Background Reports

Beaverton Housing and Neighborhood Study Final Report

The Housing and Neighborhood Stability Analysis provides information about existing physical conditions of Beaverton’s housing stock, future housing supply and demand trends, housing affordability tools, and strategies for meeting the needs of older residents and aging in place.

Download Final Report (November 2010) (10MB)

Economic Opportunities Analysis

This Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA) is aimed to provide background information and preliminary recommended guiding principles for the Beaverton Civic Plan. Also addressed are Goal 9 requirements of Oregon’s land use planning framework for adequacy of industrial and commercial lands.

Download full document (3MB, PDF).

Download executive summary (0.5MB, PDF).

Beaverton Community Vision

From 2008 until summer 2010, Beaverton residents participated in a major effort to craft the Beaverton Community Vision. With guidance from a citizen advisory committee, technical experts, and input from an extensive public prioritization process, community ideas were assembled into a broad, descriptive vision of Beaverton’s future.

Download full document at the Beaverton Community Vision website.

Beaverton Comprehensive Plan, 2006

The Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for the City of Beaverton. It provides a framework for the decision making process and is a means of directing community efforts towards sound future growth, better understanding between public and private efforts, and a more beautiful and livable community The Plan seeks to capture the essence of the community’s vision of its future, translating it into a form that will allow effective implementation.

View the Comprehensive Plan online.

Beaverton Transportation System Plan Update, 2035

The TSP provides specific information regarding transportation needs to guide future transportation investment in the City and to determine how land use and transportation decisions can be brought together beneficially. Note: this document is still under review and has not yet been adopted.

View the 2035 Transportation System Plan Update document online.

Other Relevant Documents

Target Industries Analysis

Beaverton Downtown Parking Solutions

Urban Renewal Feasibility Study

Metro Corridors & Centers Case Studies

Strategic Community Development and Housing Plan

Capital Improvements Plan (CIP)

Beaverton Art Master Plan

Beaverton Performing Arts Center Feasibility Study