Benefits of Having an Outdoor Misting System

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Benefits of Having an Outdoor Misting System

Staying cool is perhaps the biggest worry for many during the summer, especially those who live in very hot and dry areas. When the temperatures are high, we sweat more, and that produces a smell and everything becomes much harder. The worst thing that could happen to you is a heat stroke – a serious health risk that can result in serious complications.

Those who live in the southern states and closer to the equator have to battle high temperatures during the entire year. That is often easier said than done.

The classic indoor conventional air conditioning is old news and almost every home and business have one. That’s true, staying cool indoors is not that hard. But how can you stay cool outside? Do you know how much power AC units use? This brings us to the newest awesome outdoor misting system.


This system is revolutionary even though it works in a very simple way. Some PVC pipes are hung over the area you want to cool outside and a number of nozzles spray cool water to lower the temperature below. The water is forced through the nozzles at a really high pressure that disperses it into tiny drops, invisible by the human eye. All you see is a mist, which is why this outdoor AC is called the misting system.

Benefits of the system

Some people think that misting systems don’t do anything, but that’s just not true. These systems make a big difference in outdoor temperature. Here are all the amazing benefits you get from this simple device.

Lowers the heat

Cooling is, of course, the primary reason for installing a misting system. The cool water sprays can lower the temperature for as much as 25 degrees, which is far more than an indoor AC can do.

Repels insects

The small water drops in the air make it impossible for insects to fly underneath the misting system. You can forget about those pesky mosquitos, flies, and other flying pests.

Cleans the air

Dust and pollen are both responsible for many allergies and make it hard to breathe. The water drops from the misting system are able to capture the pollutants in the air and drag them down to the ground.



Conventional AC units are much more expensive to install than a misting system. This system has no powering unit and can’t malfunction and breakdown.


Standard AC units are designed for indoor use only while a misting system can be installed anywhere. You can put it on the patio, in the garden, but you can also install it indoors. The best thing about a professional misting system is that a misting system cools the area much faster than a standard AC unit.

A nice feature to your home and garden

You probably already saw misting systems in restaurants and sports stadiums. This system is a great way to keep your guests cool and allow them to enjoy themselves rather than think about overheating.

This system is simple and easy to set up. You can move it anywhere you need and you can even get a tent to keep the cool air inside.

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