Canyon Rd Alternative Bike Network

Update – February 1, 2015

Project plans for the new bicycle network are 75% complete.  The City has been partnering with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA), which has produced multiple positive changes to the plans.  Right-of-way acquisition will begin shortly, as will prep work, such as relocating several power pole and cables on a portion of the north side of Lombard, installation of a noise wall adjacent to an apartment complex, and the relocation of a private storm system to avoid it being under the proposed sidewalk.

Update – September 26, 2014

As of September 26, 2014 the project is on schedule with Wallis Engineering designs at 30%.  Additionally, a number of wayfinding signs developed by the City in a separate project have been added to the Canyon Rd Alternative Bike Network project.  The purpose of the wayfinding signs is to help guide pedestrians and bicyclists to specific destinations within downtown Beaverton.  On Thursday August 14, 2014 the 30% plan was presented to the City’s Bicycle Advisory for comment.


In April 2014 the City contracted with Wallis Engineering of Vancouver, Washington to assist the City with the design for an alternative bike network along Canyon Road between Hocken Avenue and Broadway/117th Avenue. The plan is that Millikan Way on the north and Broadway on the south will serve as a low stress bikeway options paralleling Canyon Road which will provide safe and comfortable bicycle connections through Central Beaverton and the Creekside District.

The need for this project grew out of the planning and citizen input that was being completed under the HUD Sustainable Communities Challenge grant that the City was awarded in February 2012. As planning for improving pedestrian and bike access along Canyon Road was proceeding, it became clear that alternative, parallel bike routes along Millikan Way and Broadway would better serve the broader bike community.

The project proposes a new sidewalk connection on Millikan Way between East Street and Lombard Avenue, a revised curb and sidewalk on the south side of Broadway at East Street, a bike lane on Canyon Road from Hocken Avenue to Broadway, revisions to Broadway from Canyon Road to Cedar Hills Boulevard, and striping changes along the entire route that includes Millikan Way from Lombard Avenue to Hocken Avenue, Hocken Avenue from Millikan Way to Canyon Road, Canyon Road from Hocken Avenue to Broadway, and Broadway from Canyon Road to 117th Avenue.

The timeline for the project is to complete design by early 2015 so that the project could be awarded and under construction in the spring of 2015. It is anticipated that the project would be completed by the fall of 2015.

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