Rose Biggi Extension – Opens May 1st!

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Rose Biggi Extension – Opens May 1st!

Update – April 29, 2015

The Rose Biggi extension is officially complete, with the road opening Friday, May 1st…5 months ahead of schedule!  The intersection of Hall Blvd and Westgate Dr finished even earlier and opened April 10th to traffic.

A grand opening celebration is scheduled for May 18th at 11 a.m.

Update – February 1, 2015

Extension of Rose Biggi Ave from Crescent St. to Hall Blvd is still on schedule for a May 2015 completion (weather depending), well ahead of the original October 2015 completion date.  In December and January, construction crews completed the installation waterlines and irrigation into the two future green spaces on either side of the bridge west of the creek.  Private utility conduits and the street lights were also installed on the south side of the bridge, and the bridge itself.  The plan for the next two months is to finish work on the bridge, complete installation of curb and sidewalk along Westgate Drive, and curb in the private driveways.

Update – December 17, 2014

IMG_2596-300x225Rose Biggi/Westgate construction is ahead of schedule!  All work along the Rose Biggi Avenue portion is almost complete: 75% of the sidewalk has not been installed, along with street light foundations and electrical conduit.  All that remains is the installation of street lights, trees and final paving, signing and striping.  Westgate Drive is 90% complete. At Beaverton Creek, the sidewalks on the bridge and on the four walls are complete as well as the 32-inch parapet walls and the short 12-inch walls.   The green spaces on the both sides of the bridge west of the creek are complete except for planting and irrigation.  Next, the team needs to finish work on the bridge, complete the installation of the new waterlines, and begin construction of the new roadway on Westgate Drive.  Winter weather has been better than expected; however, that could change at any time thus slowing the speed of construction.  All work is expected to be substantially complete in May 2015  which is several months ahead of the required completion date.

Update – September 26, 2014

IMG_2952-300x225Southern section is completed just as the weather starts to become a factor.  Carter & Company has completed the curb and gutter along Rose Biggi Avenue and has placed the base lift of asphalt concrete.  In addition, the placement of the irrigation system along Rose Biggi Avenue has begun as well as the placement of the foundations for the street lights.  On Westgate Drive the water and storm drainage utilities are approximately 60% complete.  At Beaverton Creek, the bridge abutments and 21-inch deep slabs have been placed as well as the four retaining walls, one at each corner of the bridge.

Update – July 28, 2014

The crews working on the Rose Biggi Avenue extension have been working hard!  All underground utilities have been installed west of the bridge and the subgrade has been approved.  The installation of utilities east of the bridge will begin this week as well as clearing and grubbing.  Also this week and next, base rock will be placed with street light pole bases and curbs to follow.  On the Westgate Drive portion, the old bridge across Beaverton Creek has been removed, the six drilled shafts have been installed, and the placement of the two abutments is in progress with the bridge deck and walls to follow.

Update – June 30, 2014

The construction of the $2.5 million extension of SW Rose Biggi Avenue from Crescent Street to Hall Boulevard continues on schedule. As of June 30, all public utilities on Rose Biggi Avenue and Westgate Drive, west of Beaverton Creek, are now completed. During the summer of 2014, work continues on the installation of private utilities, such as power, telephone, cable and gas on Rose Biggi Avenue as well as the construction of the curb and street section on Rose Biggi Avenue. Summer work also includes the installation of the 63-foot deep drilled shafts that support the two bridge ends, removal of the old bridge, and placement of the new concrete slab bridge to include concrete retaining walls at each of the four corners of the bridge.

Please note: SW Westgate Drive at the bridge will be closed from June 23, 2014 through the summer of 2015. The detour streets are Cedar Hills Boulevard and Hall Boulevard.


Beginning in March, the city began construction on the last phase of the Rose Biggi Avenue Extension project, one of the street improvements highlighted in the city’s Civic Plan, adopted in April 2011. The project will extend 850 feet from SW Crescent Avenue to Hall Boulevard and include two travel lanes, two parking lanes, and sidewalks with trees planted in tree wells. Other improvements include storm drainage, water, sanitary sewer, street lighting, landscaping and irrigation. The city will also replace the existing concrete slab bridge over Beaverton Creek. The roadway on the new bridge will be approximately four feet higher than the existing roadway with concrete retaining walls at each corner of the bridge.  Carter & Company is the primary contractor, and the project is expected to be completed by October 2015. Westgate Drive, in the vicinity of the bridge, will be closed beginning in June 2014 until the completion of the new bridge and the reconstruction of Westgate Drive from the bridge to Hall Boulevard.  Access to local businesses will be provided from Westgate Drive or Hall Boulevard. The cost of construction is $2,465,582 and will be funded by both federal and city dollars.

For more information, contact Jim Brink, project manager, at 503-789-5664.

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