District Housing and Redevelopment Plan

District Housing and Redevelopment Plan

Beaverton Creekside is well situated to become downtown’s next great place. It is conveniently located within the city’s downtown core and is directly adjacent to the most highly-used transit center in all of the TriMet system. It features over 175 small businesses, and boasts a ready supply of land available for investment. Through the Downtown Creeks Plan, it is set to be home to a beautiful new park and plaza oriented around a revitalized creek system. An additional element, identified in the Civic Plan, is a shift in the future housing needs of Beaverton. In particular there is a growing need for more apartments and condominiums; uses that could increase the vitality of the district.

As part of the Beaverton Creekside District Master Plan, the District Housing and Redevelopment Plan provides the framework for creating new transit-oriented development in Beaverton Creekside. Transit-oriented development focuses on the creation of well-designed, accessible places for business and housing, accessible to people at a range of incomes. Attracting housing options that reflect the current and future needs of residents and business owners improves quality of life, contributes to a sense of place, and works to stimulate economic prosperity.

Results Will Include:

  • A detailed assessment of the redevelopment potential of Beaverton Creekside, including identification of likely future residents and businesses
  • Regulatory improvements and policies to guide the creation of a well-designed downtown neighborhood and pedestrian retail district that creates a sense of place within Beaverton Creekside
  • Equitable and effective redevelopment strategies to catalyze the kinds of development that draw from and complement the existing transit infrastructure within the Creekside District
  • Engagement with formerly underrepresented populations to help shape the future of this emerging district.

District Housing and Redevelopment Timeline:

The District Housing and Redevelopment Plan has several distinct phases. Work will begin with numerous interviews and meetings with business owners, property owners and other key stakeholders in winter 2012. Here is the schedule for this component:

  • Research to understand the existing market conditions and physical environment of the district (fall 2012 to spring 2013)
  • Identify goals, opportunities, and challenges to redevelopment with stakeholders including property owners, business owners and residents (winter 2012 to fall 2014)
  • Creation of district-level solutions to address parking issues (winter 2013)
  • Develop subarea redevelopment scenarios to include high-quality, affordable housing that matches the preferences of future residents (late spring 2013)
  • Discuss options and select a new park design and enhanced stream landscape (summer 2013 to winter 2013)
  • Finalize the Housing and Redevelopment strategies (winter 2013 to summer 2014)
  • Adopt the plan and make needed changes to city policies or investment plans (summer 2014 to winter 2014)