Canyon Road

Canyon Road Streetscape and Safety Enhancements


Project Background

Great streets are the backbone of great communities. Canyon Road, which runs through downtown Beaverton from Hocken Avenue to Highway 217, forms the southern border of the Creekside District. Over time it has developed into a congested roadway that poses access and safety issues for pedestrians, bikers and drivers alike. Drivers face heavy traffic and unprotected, cross-traffic turns into destinations along the route. Pedestrians and cyclists face a challenging street environment that is unpredictable and inhospitable – three intersections within the study area are among the top 5% of the most dangerous intersections in the state for these users.

The 2011 Civic Plan identifies the need to improve Canyon Road and address issues such as safety, access and streetscape appearance. Through the Beaverton Creekside District Master Plan, the City is working in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation to implement that recommendation. This project will create a new design for Canyon that addresses these challenges and better serves the community and business owners’ needs. Goals include:

  • Enhance mobility and access to facilitate downtown economic development and redevelopment
  • Improve the streetscape and environmental quality along Canyon Road
  • Improve real and perceived safety and enhance the pedestrian experience along and across Canyon Road
  • Provide better connections and amenities at transit hubs
  • Improve bicycle connections and access to Canyon Road
  • Manage access to land uses to improve corridor safety
  • Maintain freight mobility and access

What’s Happening Now

The project team is working to finalize the design for Canyon Road, including design decisions about medians, turn pockets, landscape buffers, and other project elements. Property owners, members of the business community and interested residents are invited to join the project team for a Downtown Streets Design Workshop on Monday, November 18, 2013. Collaboration with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has resulted in preliminary approval of initial design concepts and cross sections. Additionally, the project team presented initial design concepts to the ODOT’s Freight Mobility subcommittee.

To implement streetscape improvements along sections of Canyon Road in the central city, the City of Beaverton is actively seeking funding from regional and federal grant programs to leverage local funding sources. The project was awarded $3.5 million in Metro flex funds in Fall 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions. Click the image below to view and download the FAQ.


Work to Date

Canyon Road Cross Sections and Design Concept

The Canyon Road designs are intended to create a more pedestrian-friendly downtown core that improves connectivity, addresses current safety concern, and continues to accommodate the existing uses of the corridor including cars, bikes, pedestrians, and freight traffic. In the future, wider sidewalks will be added as properties along Canyon Road redevelop.

Mobility Audit

A mobility audit was conducted in the fall of 2012 with experts and residents to determine barriers and safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists.
Cover - Mobility Audit

Bikeway Concept

Below is a concept map of recommended near-term bikeways around Canyon Road that will augment the existing bicycle network and make it easier to travel to and through central Beaverton by bike. Click the map to view full screen.

Bikeway_RecommendedNetworkOptions v2-01

Canyon Road Visualizations