Downtown Creeks Plan

The Downtown Creeks Plan

The Downtown Creeks Plan is one of three major components of the Beaverton Creekside District Master Plan and represents an important step in implementing the Beaverton Civic Plan. The Creekside Master Plan will help implement a priority goal of the Civic Plan and Community Vision to “establish Beaverton Creek as an urban amenity” by restoring and rejuvenating downtown’s three creeks and nurturing the local economy to create an innova­tive, sustainably-designed downtown neighborhood and business district.

Current Progress

Work on the Downtown Creeks Plan has included a preliminary open space concept, located on city-owned property north of the Round. Please check back soon for more information about the next Downtown Creeks Plan open house on July 18th.

General Information

Beaverton was once a small town with a creek system along a wide and shallow floodplain. As the city grew, the forests were logged, ponds and marshes were drained, and creeks were channelized to make the land suitable for agriculture and industry. Today the remaining floodplain in downtown Beaverton has been largely filled in and paved over. The result is a largely unseen creek system, with water quality problems, regular nuisance flooding, and few opportunities for recreation or public access.

1936 aerial photograph with creeks and district boundary

With many partners, the city and Clean Water Services are working in the Creekside District to create a compelling vision and plan for the entire creek corridor. The Downtown Creeks Plan is intended to provide clarity and predictability for property owners and identify public and private investment opportunities to create open spaces and enhance water quality.

The resulting plan will provide property owners with a single master Service Provider Letter for the district to help streamline the permitting of new housing, jobs and activities in the area. The Downtown Creeks Plan will also include the design and engineering for a new park and plaza to bring people and the creeks together.

Results for the Downtown Creeks Plan will include:

  • Design and engineering for a new park and plaza north of the Round, bringing people and Beaverton’s creeks back together.
  • Solutions that will address impacts from frequent flooding from our City’s creeks
  • Regulatory improvements and incentives to ensure that new development is easier to implement while also contributing to the health and sustainability of our creeks and downtown.
  • Engagement with formerly underrepresented populations that will bring new voices to help shape the future of this emerging district.

Downtown Creeks Plan timeline:

Parcel by parcel, the redevelopment and revitalization of Beaverton Creekside will take many years and many hands. The Downtown Creeks Plan is a three-year initiative between Clean Water Services, the City of Beaverton, and in coordination with property and business owners to jump start this process. Here is our schedule for the project:

  • Direct outreach to stakeholders and residents (Ongoing, Winter 2012 to Fall 2014)
  • Understand the existing conditions (Fall 2012 to Spring 2013)
  • Present the options to the community (Late Spring 2013)
  • Pick a direction and determine the vision for the creeks (Summer 2013)
  • Finalize the plan (Fall 2013 to Spring 2014)
  • Plan adoption, code amendments (Summer 2014 to Winter 2014)