Creekside District Master Plan Was Adopted!

Update – February 16, 2015

The final version of the Creekside District Master Plan and Implementation Strategy is now available.   Click here for an electronic version.


On Tuesday, November 18th the Beaverton City Council adopted the Creekside District Master Plan and Implementation Strategy, the result of nearly three years of in-depth outreach, analysis and planning effort for a 50-acre area of Downtown Beaverton.  The plan builds upon the work of the Beaverton Community Vision (2010), the Beaverton Civic Plan (2011), the Beaverton Urban Renewal Plan (2011) and the Metro 2040 Growth Concept, and was funded, in part, by a $1 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Sustainable Communities Challenge grant.  The Master Plan lays out the investments, projects and programs needed to transform the District into a vibrant, mixed-use, transit-oriented downtown neighborhood, where people enjoy easy access to the natural environment, safe and reliable transportation and parking systems, and opportunities for jobs, housing and entertainment.

Bill Berg, a community member who served on the Creekside Steering Committee, summarized it well in testimony to City Council, “It was an incredible journey of making sure we kept alignment with the Community Vision and Civic Plan, all the way through coming up with goals, objectives, potential solutions and looking at how do you actually implement some of the things we have been looking at over the past couple of years.”

The City Council unanimously adopted the Master Plan, expressing eagerness for implementation to begin.  In her testimony in support of adoption, Pat Reser, a member of the Beaverton Arts and Culture Foundation, echoed that enthusiasm: “We have seen how the completion of the South Plaza at The Round, the installation of the gorgeous public art piece by Devon Fields, and the delightful, well attended events such as Beaverton Last Tuesday have really transformed our community into a welcoming friendly, vibrant 14-hour City.  And people by the hundreds come to The Round to eat and enjoy what Beaverton has to offer.  But I implore you, let’s not stop there.  Let’s continue to build on that success toward the creation of a vibrant 18-hour City.”

The Master Plan was adopted with several small changes.  Volume 2 of the Master Plan, which will include background documents such as a streetscape plan, parking strategy and business continuity strategy, should be available by the first of the year.

For more information please contact, Laura Kelly, Planning Manager, at 503-526-2548 or

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