Creekside Master Plan

What is the Beaverton Creekside project?

The Beaverton Civic Plan, adopted in spring 2011, recognized the Beaverton Creekside district, with its transit access, natural resources and central location, as having significant untapped potential for revitalizing downtown Beaverton. With the help of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities Challenge Grant, the Beaverton Creekside project is enabling the City and its partners to energize the goals of the Civic Plan and create an economically vital and beautiful downtown that attracts a diversity of residents, visitors, employees, and employers through the creation of the Beaverton Creekside District Master Plan.

The Plan will build upon existing assets and jump-start redevelopment of underutilized properties in the district, work to improve and beautify the City’s creeks, and enable transportation and infrastructure improvements for downtown Beaverton.

There are three major components of the Beaverton Creekside District Master Plan:

What kinds of change are coming to downtown Beaverton?

  • Design and engineering for a new park and plaza north of the Round, bringing people and Beaverton’s creeks back together.
  • An engineered roadway design, created in partnership with ODOT, to improve safety and transform Canyon Road.
  • Designs for improved streets that will provide safe comfortable routes for getting around downtown -
    by car, bike, foot, and transit.
  • Solutions that will address frequent flooding from our City’s creeks and improve water quality.
  • Regulatory improvements and incentives to ensure that new development is easier to implement while also contributing to the health and sustainability of our creeks and downtown.
  • Engagement with formerly underrepresented populations that will bring new voices to help shape the future of this emerging district.

What is the proposed schedule for the Beaverton Creekside project?

The proposed planning schedule is Fall 2012 to Winter 2014.

Click here for a detailed schedule.

I’m a property owner, how can I set up a one-on-one meeting with the city?

Contact the project team by email, or by phone, 503-526-7536 (503-526-PLAN).