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Here you can download all project documents including maps, reports and analysis, presentations and more.

Business Survey Results (196.1 KB)

Open House Presentation – July 18, 2013 (4.8 MB)

Photovoice Phase 1 – Final Report (3.9 MB)

Downtown Creeks Plan Flyer (741.2 KB)

District Transportation Plan Flyer (836.3 KB)

District Housing and Redevelopment Plan Flyer (769.8 KB)

Mobility Audit Report (4.8 MB)

Recommended Bikeway Network Options (8.7 MB)

Summary Report of the Canyon Road Design Alternatives Workshop (5.4 MB)

Beaverton Creekside Timeline (Revised) (156.0 KB)

Beaverton Creekside Workplan (Revised) (327.0 KB)

Beaverton Creekside District Map (501.4 KB)

Canyon Road Streetscape Concept (769.6 KB)