What’s Happening When

What’s Happening When

Project Launch – Fall 2012

Outreach to Stakeholders and Community – Fall 2012 to Fall 2014

  • Direct outreach to property owners and businesses in the District and along Canyon Road.
  • PhotoVoice: Participatory engagement through a photo collection experiement with residents, small business owners and youth.
  • A series of short videos to communicate project themes and major milestones.
  • Public open house events to explore options, pick solutions and refine the Creekside project.

Component 1: Downtown Creeks – Fall 2012 to Summer 2014

  • Natural resources assessment and redevelopment potential analysis.
  • Public input on concept designs for public plaza.
  • Development guidelines and incentives for redevelopment.
  • Creekside redevelopment pilot project: identify and design catalyst project.

Component 2: Street Design and Connectivity – Fall 2012 to Summer 2014

  • Mobility audit with agency and community stakeholders.
  • Outreach to Canyon Road business and property owners.
  • Engineered roadway design to transform Canyon Road, including formal agreement with ODOT.
  • Complete Streets policy and two pilot street projects.

Component 3: Redevelopment and Housing – Winter 2012 to Summer 2014

  • Events to strengthen small business network and connect to existing resources.
  • District market study to identify strategies and incentives for redevelopment.
  • Detailed development prospectus for three opportunity sites.
  • Redevelopment and housing strategy and policy recommendations.

Creekside District Master Plan Working Draft – Early 2014

  • Community feedback.
  • City Council updates.

Creekside District Master Plan adoption and Code amendments – Late 2014