Hocken Ave Bridge & Street Improvements @ Beaverton Creek


The Hocken Avenue Bridge and Street Improvement project is on schedule.  Tapani Incorporated of Battle Ground, WA was selected as the general contractor in April and construction is expected to begin on or about May 15, 2015.  Hocken Avenue between Dawson Way and Hall Blvd will be closed for 12-14 months thereafter.


Beginning in February 2015 the City plans to replace the two 84-inch culverts that convey Beaverton Creek under Hocken Avenue near the Cedar Hills Crossing mall with a 62-foot long by 60-foot wide concrete slab bridge.

The project will also include improving 875 feet of Hocken Avenue to collector street standards between Hall Boulevard and the Light Rail Tracks. The project will replace the existing conditions (two 12-foot travel lanes, gravel shoulders and no bike lanes or sidewalks) with three 12-foot wide travel lanes (two through lanes and one center turn lane), two 5-foot wide bike lanes, curb and gutter, and two 9.5 to 10-foot wide sidewalks except on the bridge where the sidewalk width is 6 feet. The bridge will further help to reduce flooding on Cedar Hills Boulevard during extraordinary rain events. The project also includes the replacement of a Clean Water Services 12-inch sanitary sewer pipe and the relocation of a Tualatin Valley Water District 12-inch water pipe.

The roadway elevation will be raised approximately 7 feet at the proposed bridge.

The acquisition of right of way is almost complete. The temporary relocation of private utilities will begin in February 2015. The project is expected to bid in February 2015 and be complete in the spring of 2016. During construction Hocken Avenue at Beaverton Creek will be closed. Alternate routes will be Jenkins Road north of Beaverton Creek and Dawson Way and Millikan Way south of Beaverton Creek.