What Is the Difference Between Decontamination and Disinfection?

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What Is the Difference Between Decontamination and Disinfection?


Decontamination is used to render all materials safe for use. With decontamination, microbial contamination is highly reduced, and therefore, a material can be assumed to be infection transmission risk-free. This is a cleaning process that is not mostly used in different surfaces as well as areas. However, it is mostly used in hospitals; for instance, once the patient is discharged, his room will be decontaminated to reduce or get rid of viruses and bacteria. In addition to that, the operation room frequents the use of this cleaning process because a sterile environment is a must to make sure that the risk of infection is reduced during the operation.


Disinfection basically refers to getting rid of all pathogen organisms on the surfaces as well as inanimate objects. This, therefore, is aimed at reducing microbial contamination level. You can effectively disinfect a surface with the help of chemical disinfectants, or rather; you can choose to seek the help of disinfection and decontamination service in Alpharetta. If you choose to do it by yourself, then you should know that chemical disinfectants are different when it comes to their effectiveness. It is therefore important that you select the right disinfectant, and this should depend on the item that is to be disinfected, the organism in question as well as the disinfectants nature.

As you have seen above, the two processes are all after the same goal, to reduce the risk of infections and get rid of pathogen organisms. Decontamination is mostly used in hospitals to make all tools to be safe for use, while Disinfection is mainly used on surfaces to get rid of pathogens. So the process you choose to use will mainly depend on your needs. Make sure that everything you handle is free from infection and every surface you work on is free from pathogens by making sure that you decontaminate and disinfect them respectively.

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