This Is What It’s Like to Be a Crime Scene Cleaner

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This Is What It’s Like to Be a Crime Scene Cleaner

Some years ago, the role of a crime scene cleaner was shared among the family of the disease. They had to be strong during their grieving period, cleanup the crime scene, and move on with life. This experience is one no one wants to go through. It, therefore, resulted in the creation of the crime scene cleaning industry.

Today, the industry has employed so many crime scene cleaners in the USA alone. The crime scene cleaners are individuals who are tasked to clean crime scenes on behalf of the family members of the deceased. Many people do not even know that crime scene cleaners exist until they are hit by a circumstance requiring the services of a crime scene cleaner.

Life as a scene cleaner.

To be a crime scene cleaner, you must be strong emotionally. This does not mean that crime scene cleaners do not get psychological torture through what they experience in their work, they do, but they have some level of perseverance.This is the reason most crime scene cleaners have a history in the military or law enforcement.

Types of scenes they clean up.

The crime scene cleaning industry was mainly created so as to clean crime scenes. Crime scenes are such as suicides or unattended deaths of people who die naturally. These crimes may either be indoors, outdoor or conveyance. Moreover, crime scene cleaners are not limited to crime scenes; they also do some other types of cleanups including;

  • commercial biohazard cleanup.
  • tear gas clean up at a scene of a strike if the law enforcement used it.
  • get rid of meth labs.
  • decontaminating a home in case of a bacterial or viral incident etc.

What is involved in a crime scene?

When called upon at a crime scene, the role of the crime scene cleaners is to clear up the mess after the police and detectives are done doing the necessary crime scene investigation. To access the crime scene, the crime scene cleaner must wear protective gear which includes;

  • full-face respirator.
  • boots.
  • a pair of gloves.
  • a hard hat.
  • a suit.

Cleaning up the scene.

What the crime scene cleaners carry to the cleanup scene is determined by the type of circumstances resulting in the cleanup. The way a meth lab is handled is different by how a suicide crime scene will be handled.

Why is crime scene cleaning a dangerous job?

The role of a crime scene cleaner is one even police officers respect. They come into contact with things that may either infect them with HIV or hepatitis. They are also affected by psychologically. This means that they must be very careful and if possible, seek counseling once in a while.

How much do crime scene cleaners earn?

This might be hard to deduce since private companies employ them.However, on average, a crime scene cleaner earns $25- $60 per hour.

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